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Keepers of the Coast supports local artists through creative partnerships.

Are you artistic?

Would you like to see your art on public display?

Do you believe in encouraging coastal cleanups and conservation?

Are you willing to donate some time to create artwork that displays marine debris?

Then, we want you!!

We want this project to help you, too! You will get the exposure from all of the “eyes” that see the your artwork displayed at our annual Full Circle Fest.  Ideas for such creative work could be a mosaic ocean animal, or a sculpture made from beach cleanup debris.  Let you creativity pour into a beautiful piece that demonstrates our need to keep plastics out of the ocean.

The details:

  • We hold several beach cleanups each year and can provide plenty of debris to be used. the receptacle is housed in a plywood box that is four feet tall by eleven inches wide
  • We ask that your design somehow reflect a coastal theme (Other than that, or how you interpret that, is completely up to you!!)
  • Your artwork will be displayed at the annual Full Circle Fest, April 22nd, 2018 @Eddie Vicker Park (a link to the event can be added here)

If you are interested, please email