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Keepers of the Coast hopes to continue to build, decorate and install cigarette butt disposal receptacles all along St Johns County beaches! So, we need your help!

Are you artistic?

Would you like to see your art on public display?

Do you believe in encouraging coastal clean up and preservation?

Are you willing to donate some time to make a cigarette disposal receptacle look great?

Then, we want you!!

We want this project to help you, too! You will get the exposure from all of the “eyes” that see the receptacle on the beach, plus we will mention your name in all media coverage.

The details:

  • the receptacle is housed in a plywood box that is four feet tall by eleven inches wide
  • we ask that you leave one-half of one side for the Keepers of the Coast turtle logo – if you would like, we can provide you with a stencil and you can apply the logo to your box yourself or we will do it for you after you are finished
  • previous artists have used the other half of the side that has the Keepers logo for their contact information or website
  • we ask that your design somehow reflect a coastal theme (Other than that, or how you interpret that, is completely up to you!!)
  • you can pick up and return your box to the St Johns County Parks and Recreation Office on Mizell Rd
  • we ask that you do seal your box with waterproof, outdoor polyurethane to protect it from the elements

If you are interested, please email