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Keepers of the Coast proudly supports the following companies who are making green and environmentally friendly products.


We are proud to announce the newest corporate sponsorship to Keepers of the Coast, A Shore Thing.

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Matix launched their Pollution Solution Program in 2008, by replacing their “shred-it cards” that came on all of their board shorts with one biodegradable pollution solution bag. 70% of the products sold are packaged in biodegradable poly bags, with the other 30% of goods are packaged in a #4 low density polyethylene bags.

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For the past 40 years, Smith Optics have been designing and developing products with the environment in mind. Their products are made with a new material called Rilsan® Clear, which allows the sunglass frames to be over 53% bio-based. The logos on each of the sunglasses are also finished with a clear water-based protective coating.

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Sector 9 is doing their part to help the environment, by creating only 100% organic cotton t shirts and using a water based ink. They have an interactive website with information on how we can each do our part.

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