Richie and Goliath

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Richie and Goliath is a collaboration between Richard Willich, Joey Travolta, and John Benjamin Martin.

The story is based on Willich’s 2,800 lb. Angus bull, Goliath, raised on his farm in Florida.It carries the positive messages of tolerance, peer acceptance and overcoming bullying.

Richie is a real sea turtle that Keepers Of The Coast will be releasing in the Spring of 2011 with a satellite tracking device.  Keepers Of The Coast is interested in gaining a better understanding of the migration patterns of juvenile green sea turtles in North East Florida waters.  Richie the turtle is named after co-author and financial supporter of Keepers of the Coast, Richard Willich.

Sales proceeds from the Goliath Series are being donated to support research for treatment options for autism. To find out more please visit the following sites: